Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Environmental images.

Took a notion a while back to try and capture some pictures of the Brodick Bay at night. I was originally drawn to the lights reflected on the water from the village and from boats at anchor out at sea. So at about 11:30 with tripod and head torch this image was taken along with a few others.

Apart from straightening, cropping and the addition of the black border and copyright this image has had no manipulation in photoshop. This is straight from camera as far as colour is concerned, with about 1 1/2 minutes of exposure to get the right light levels the colour is just great. To the naked eye it was more or less pitch black with a faint glow from the East. So all this light is from the town lights of the Ayrshire coast out towards Ardrossan, light pollution. Or is this recycled light?

As far as the technicalities of taking these shots are concerned the hardest thing is to focus, with so little light available the viewfinder was black so had to range find and hope. I am really pleased with the final images and the intense colours, there is a strong human element in them, one of the set includes an extra element of illumination from the headlights of a passing car on the Merkland road.

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