Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Kayak build project.

Well here we are and the first post on Arran Paddler.

Thought I would start with an idea that has been running around with me for a while now, building a kayak. I got some ideas and putting them here should, maybe, help to realize them.
So, sounds easy enough you say? Should be, just got a few questions first like how much time have I got? What style of boat and in what construction? In wood or plywood or a real old fashioned Greenland replica in wood and canvas?

Thing is I love them all. So what should I do now?

Anyway, here are some of the Greenland designs that have my going just now,

This is a fantastic design by Bjorn Thomasson. Called a Black Pearl.

It is a strip plank build and oh so very nice.

This is a Tahe Marine Greenland, a production boat, very nice though and with great reviews.

And this is a skin on frame,SOF, boat ready for its skin!

There are some great pictures here of different boats using skin on frame build,

So I have some thinking to do on what boat to try, do I go out and buy a finished boat or build a strip plank masterpiece or go the fast and cheap way of a SOF boat?

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