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Camping and bushcraft weekend.

Had a great trip at the weekend there with a friend across to try sea kayaking out for real. Mark is from the borders and a 'canoe' man, I hope to get across and try a river trip at the end of the season with him. Sunny and breezy so no midges and perfect for camping! We packed the kayaks and launched at Merkland to head up the coast, no rush, plenty of time to fish for some mackerel and play in the waves. White water waves and strong sun left us enjoying the sea at its best. Stopped at North Glen Sannox for a lunch break as the tide reached its lowest and stood at the mouth of the river we where surprised to see Mullet just feet from us with there fins and tails breaking the surface in the shallow water. Plenty of birds where spotted on the shore as we passed by, Eider ducks with young, Cormorants diving and the Oyster Catchers patrolling the seas edge. The local Swan pair have 4 chicks this year, we kept well clear of these great birds though! We stopped to pitch c