About me.

My name is Luke Furze and I am from the Isle of Arran, off the West Coast of Scotland. I live on Arran and run my own business as a woodworker and joiner for most of the year along with working for a local outdoor centre as an instructor and guide through the spring and summer. I love photography and sell my images as cards and prints. I am a member of the Arran Mountain Rescue Team and I coach in the Arran Kayak Club.

I have been paddling since primary school when my parents had a home made kayak, an Otter Sport plywood kit boat, myself and my 2 brothers used to take it out on Kilmory beach on summer days. No training in those days! A boat, a paddle and a set of swimming trunks was all we had, great times. Maybe this is why I love the sea so much. Sailing or paddling really does it for me. I have had a selection of boats since then but never really got into kayaking till summer '06 when a plastic sea kayak came my way. Never looked back and now paddle a Tiderace Xcite and Xplore.

Take a look at the Woodwork Portfolio on my photo site to have a look at some of the work I do, although they are of the most interesting pieces only and do not include much in the way of joinery photos. Most of what I do is renovation and repair work to residential houses, from stonework through to kitchens and roof repairs to stairs.